Below are the 4 revision strategies used by our panel of radiology trainees who achieved a high score for the FRCR Part 1 Physics.

  • Start revision early, at least 4 months before exam day if possible

  • Use at least two physics textbooks to cross reference different concepts

  • Do as many practice questions as possible, preferably throughout the revision period to reinforce learning

  • Answer The Radiology Geek’s practice physics questions while on the go and at home as a revision companion

Recommended Resources

We asked our successful panel of radiology trainees what textbooks and resources they used to achieve their first time pass.


Farrs Physics for Medical Imaging

Essential Text

In terms of an essential text, Farrs is considered the ‘must read’ text book of the FRCR Part 1 Physics Exam. We will be honest, this textbook is difficult to read and outdated in parts but it really is an essential read to pass the exam first time. We highly recommend reading a easier to follow text such as Radiology cafe RCR physics notes before revising from Farrs. Please refer to the current curriculum for the FRCR Part 1 Physics Exam set out by the RCR as some chapters are outdated and are no longer relevant, saving you valuable time!

FRCR Physics Notes - Radiology Cafe

Essential Text

Fantastic textbook which was widely used by our panel of successful radiology trainees who passed the FRCR Part 1 Physics Exam first time. With easy to follow diagrams and explanations, we recommend that the Radiology Cafe FRCR Physics Notes is used as your primary ‘go to’ text before reading Farrs. This will allow you to develop a solid knowledge base that can be built on through use of MCQs.

Review of Radiologic Physics, Walter Huda

Support Text

Review of radiologic physics by Walter Huda was used by some of our successful panel members. This is a great support textbook that could be used to clarify difficult to understand physics concepts. Written in a bullet point style, our trainees felt this text was useful to consolidate existing knowledge.

MRI Made Easy, Prof.Dr.Med.Hans H.Schild

Support Text

Most of our panel of successful radiology trainees used MRI Made Easy to revise for the MRI section of the exam. The textbook breaks the complicated physics behind MRI down into easy to follow steps and cartoons. It is a small textbook packed with easy to follow essential MRI physics. A few of our members considered this text as a ‘must read’.